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5 Best Cricket Fantasy Apps for IPL 2021

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Cricket fever is back, and playing fantasy cricket is an opportunity to earn money. These 5 apps are the best options for playing and winning cash prizes for your favorite teams during the IPL season. Participate in the tournament to get closer to your favorite players and earn big!

We have the list of the top fantasy apps in India. Our experts hand-picked these for all of you who are still playing the VIVO IPL 2021 rest of the session.

  1. Dream11

  2. MyTeam11

  3. Real11

  4. Gamezy

  5. Fantasy Power 11


Dream11 is the most trusted and oldest Fantasy Cricket app. With more than two crore users, it has a wide variety of sports and tournaments to offer. The site offers a simple way for players to win lakhs of rupees by playing a game with their cricket info, too. Dream11 is the representation of sports gaming unicorn corporation in India now.


MyTeam11 is a fantasy cricket game like Dream11, but with less teams. The difference is that players may bet on "clubs" instead of teams. MyTeam11 allows you to bet on an individual team to win, and it also has jackpots if you bet on all the matches in the league. MyTeam11 is a fantasy sport platform founded in 2016, with more than 18 million users.


Real11 is a new app which offers Rs 50 to Rs 100 Real11 refer cash and a joining bonus for first time users. It is currently the only other popular cricket fantasy app and has an enticing offer for new customers. With a limited competition, this is the best time to join Real11 and play Fantasy cricket or football. Real11 is India's fastest growing sports gaming platform with users playing Fantasy Cricket and Football.


Gamezy is a fantasy sports app that allows users to select best 11 players from a selected match and win according to their players' performance in real matches. One of the app's most popular features are the second inning and test fantasy contests, which have made it easier for people to win.

Fantasy Power 11

Fantasy Power 11 is new and rapidly growing app that's challenging the competition. It's the most generous app on the market with 100% referral cash back, so it's easy to generate life-long earnings for yourself and those you refer. If you're looking for a true-real life sports experience, head to our website and play with your favorite team to win millions.

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