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5 Best Football Fantasy Apps For Premier League 2021-2022

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Soccer fantasy apps are everywhere. We've got the best picks, though! You won't regret checking these out. They're all pretty awesome and worth a download. These apps are all excellent in one of these categories:

  • Exceptional performance

  • Great design

  • Good usability

  • Great features

The list has been ranked by a combination of ranking and number of reviews. We have tried our best to remove apps with fake reviews but if you find one, please let us know.

  1. Fantasy Football Manager for Premier League

  2. Fantasy Hub

  3. Premier League Official App

  4. ESPN Fantasy Football

  5. RealFevr

Fantasy Football Manager for Premier League

Fantasy Football Manager for Premier League is the only app you need for managing your Official Fantasy Premier League team. The app has all the latest FPL and EPL news, and it can even help you manage your team by providing alerts when players get injured, score goals, and change their prices.

Fantasy Hub

Fantasy Hub is back for the 2020/21 season! Use your £75 million budget to pick players to score you points based on their performance. It's the ultimate app for fantasy football. The app is smart, active, and fueled by live and interactive newsfeeds. You can compete with your friends or make new ones in our Mini Leagues. Head-to-Head matches help you find optimal opponents, and unlock achievements to keep you coming back for more.

Premier League Official App

The Premier League app lets you do more than just watch the world's most-watched league. You can manage your fantasy team, research statistics from 27 years ago and see some of the greatest moments in Premier League history.

ESPN Fantasy Football

With the most famous fantasy sports app, fantasy sports will never be out of season! ESPN has been providing players with a fun and engaging experience for years. Players can enjoy our digital games anytime, day or night, with people from all over the world. In fact, it's free to play with ESPN!


Create teams and leagues with your friends and compete against users from around the world. Manage them in real time and win awesome prizes! Here you can play a variety of competitions including NOS Virtual League, the Portugal League Official Fantasy in partnership with NOS, and the Portuguese Football Federation Official Fantasy in partnership with the BPI.

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