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Asia Cup 2022 cricket victory lifts spirits of crisis-hit Sri Lanka

Are you looking forward to knowing about the spirit that lifts Team Srilanka to become the Asian T20 Champions 2022? Here it would be best if you look at the features of the main points to understand that spirit. Therefore, first of all, you need to work out and find the things that played a significant role. At the same time, it is essential to look at the background of the crisis and the situation they are facing in the country. This crisis demands the kind of performance and results of all their players.

Before moving forward, you need to know about the crisis in their country, that is, the financial crisis. Furthermore, they were short of US dollars and unable to buy the petrol they consume for their daily routine. At the same time, due to its financial crisis, Srilanka was named one of the Bank's corrupt countries. Let us know more factors that must be part of our discussion while discussing the winners of Asia Cup T20 2022. Let us inform you about the factors that make them Asian champions.

Young Guns Team:

First, look at the young captain Shanaka and how he makes an impact as a captain of team Sri Lanka. If you look at the Sri Lankan team, you will not find any star player part of it. Furthermore, no one expects the Srilankan team to win Asian Trophy for T20 2022. Due to new names and lack of experience, people were expecting the maximum they could play super four rounds and return to their country.

Looking at the Young team, you will find fresh players with a lot of energy and passion. Furthermore, you will find light in their eyes to fight hard and win for their country. In the same way, they did it by playing brilliantly in all departments, including brilliant batting, bowling, and especially fielding skills. Team Sri Lanka did a great job in bowling and fielding.

Sri Lankan has variety in their batting and bowling. You will find bowlers with good pace and seam bowlers as well. At the same time, you will find the young bowlers proving themselves in the tournament.

Hunger to Perform:

While looking at the scoreboards and wickets, you will find different players competing with their teammates closely. Furthermore, let us first discuss the performance of the Sri Lankan bowling attack. At the same time, it is essential to point out the hunger to take wickets. You will find all the 5 bowlers taking wickets.

Energetic Team:

If you look at the age of the players of the Sri Lankan cricket team participating in Asia cup 2022 in UAE, you will find most of them are youngsters. Furthermore, all the youngsters are talented and, most importantly, full of energy. A few Sri Lankan cricket teams participating in Asia cup 2022 are 30 years or 30+. Similarly, the young blood with complete confidence is part of team Sri Lanka.

Youngblood makes your team energetic and hardworking. Youngsters are game changers. They can change any game at any time in any tournament in the world. Therefore, you must keep this factor behind their Asia Cup 2022 Final win.

Bowling Performances in Asia Cup 2022:

Starting from the highest wicket-taker of Asia Cup 2022 for Sri Lanka, Hasranga, he is at the top of the list of 5 best bowlers for Sri Lanka after taking 9 wickets with a strike rate of 15.3 in just 23 overs. He is the man behind the becoming champion. At the same time, don't miss the performance of the 2nd highest wicket-taker, Karunaratne, in Asia cup 2022 for Sri Lanka. He is at the 2nd spot after taking 7 wickets with a strike rate of 13.7 in just 16 overs.

In the same way, you can find the 3 youngsters, Madhushan, Theekshana, and Madhushanka, taking 6 wickets each in Asia cup 2022 for Srilanka. So, they are at 3rd position in highest wicket takers for team Sri Lanka.

Or team Sri Lanka.

Batting Performances in Asia Cup 2022:

While looking at the batting performance of team Sri Lanka in Asia cup 2022, you will find different batters playing key roles. Furthermore, you can find the performance of the opening batters Nasanka and Mendis batting brilliantly. Similarly, you will find a good performance by these two openers in the Asia cup 2022 championship. After looking at the performance of these two players, you will find that the performance of one-down batter De Silva and two-down batter Gunthilaka is not far from the openers.

In the same way, you will find the brilliant all-around performance of the Rajapaksa. Rajapaksa is the man of the match for his brilliant all-round performance with bat and ball. He took his team from losing almost one-sided to a good defending total. Similarly, he took wickets to win for his team. He is the player of the match for Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup 2022 Final against the Pakistan cricket team.

In addition, by reviewing the performance of the captain, who handles his nerves in pressure situations brilliantly. His batting performance is also good. He has bowled a few overs with the bowl in Asia cup 2022. You need to look at the brilliant performance of Hasaranga, who played brilliant innings in the final of Asia cup 2022 against the Pakistan Cricket Team.

In the same way, you will find that Karunaratne has also played a very crucial role as a batter in the Asia cup 2022 final against the Pakistan cricket team. Here it would be best if you kept an eye on the scores of all the Sri Lankan batters. You will find everybody in the squad was playing his role. Every Sri Lankan cricket team batter is eager to play his role. Furthermore, it is one of the significant points you cannot ignore. Their will and wish to do something special make them successful in winning the Asia cup 2022 final against the Pakistan cricket team.

Top Class Ground Fielding and Catching:

If you look at the fielding performance of the Sri Lankan cricket team in the Asia cup 2022 final, you find it brilliant. Furthermore, you will find their fielding saving a lot of scores due to their on-ground fielding. Batters were not able to rotate strikes due to good fielding. The brilliance in ground fielding and catching makes them able to be Asian Champions for T20 2022.

At the same time, you will find that the field positions also play a vital role in the final of the Asia cup. Most of the two's were not easily taken during the final match. In the same way, many boundaries were stopped to athletic fielding on the ground. Therefore, you cannot ignore the factor of on-ground fielding and catches in the final of the Asia cup 2022 T20 championship against Pakistan.

Good Captaincy:

Before the start of Asia cup 2022, Dasun Shanaka was not one of the captains who had been playing for long in the major tournaments and leading their teams. Asia Cup 2022 is the only major tournament as a captain for Dasun Shanaka. The start of their Asia cup campaign does not favor team India because the Afghanistan cricket team take away their first match from the Sri Lankan team. Therefore, it is hard to have a comeback after losing the tournament's first match.

At the same time, you cannot ignore Team Srilanka's unity, discipline, and faith. Furthermore, team Sri Lanka is unbeaten till the final of Asia cup 2022 after losing their inaugural match against Afghanistan. Dasun Shanaka is the man behind improving the confidence level of his boys. In the first over of the Asia cup 2022 Final against Pakistan, Dilshan Madhushanaka bowled the first over of 11 bowls. After the first over, Dasun Shanaka did not panic and comeback with good bowlers and got major wickets of Babar Azam and Fakhar Zaman.

As you know, both batters are world-class batters. After taking two prominent wickets, captain, Dasun Shanaka changes his strategy. He used all his 6 bowlers after changing them at different spots. Dasun Shanaka executes his plan without making any changes. No changes in the plan are one of the main reasons behind the success of Dasun Shanaka and his team.

Dasun Shanaka is the man behind the success of the Asia cup 2022 because he is the person using his mind on the ground. He is a man playing with the minds of the batters of the Pakistan cricket team in the Asia cup 2022 Final against team Pakistan. Dasun Shanaka is the only man after Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam under pressure. Furthermore, he is the man handling pressure on the ground and successfully defending a total of 170 runs. He is providing guidance and suggestions to his bowlers for getting wickets.

Positive Approach of Sri Lankan Cricket team Captain and Players in Asia Cup T20 2022:

Another factor that plays a vital role in the success of the Sri Lankan cricket team in Asia cup 2022 is the approach. Remembering that the approach often finds negative in team members or captains would be best. Furthermore, you can find the positive approach of Sri Lankan players even after losing the first match of the Asia cup T20 from the Afghanistan cricket team. They fought back and proved that they could win any competition.

It is hard to bounce back and win the tournament. Therefore, you need to remember their fight back. It is due to the positive approach of the Sri Lankan cricket team's think tank and their management that they got the Trophy. At the same time, the positive approach of the bowling unit and batting unit also helped them in winning the title of Asia cup t20 2022. In addition to that, after the quick wickets fall of the Sri Lanka cricket team, batters play positively. Their positive approach releases their pressure. Furthermore, that pressure transfer to their opposite team. It is also essential to check the approach of the batter playing Hasaranga brilliantly. Hasaranga is the match-winning player of this tournament for Sri Lanka.

He is the player who makes a defending total for his team in the final of Asia cup 2022. Therefore, the positive approach of Hasaranga is one of the best factors for winning the Asia cup T20 2022.

Sri Lankan Team's Next Target is World Cup T20 2022 Australia:

Team Sri Lanka is one of the most popular fighting teams in the history of international cricket. After winning the Asia cup 2022, the T20 trophy now, they are targeting the World Cup T20 2022 coming up next month. Furthermore, looking at the performance of team Sri Lanka, all the teams in their group are afraid of them. Due to their brilliant performance and positive approach, their fans expect something special from the team.

At the same time, they have to play World Cup T20 2022 qualifier to join other teams in the Super 12 Group stage. They need to play with the positive approach as they did in the Asia cup. In the same way, you need to look at their opponents, the affiliate members. So, they can easily win and join super 12 groups.

Similarly, at the Super 12 stages, they might find too much competition because there will be a hard competition. The team Sri Lanka will face opponents who can give them a tough time. Therefore, they must move into the World Cup T20 2022 in Australia with the same approach. This positive approach will help them win matches against the top teams in T20.


Looking at the above main factors, you can easily find the reasons behind their brilliant performance in Asia Cup 2022. Now, team Sri Lanka is the Asian T20 champion for 2022. This trophy will boost the confidence level of the young team as they are facing too many crises in their country. They need that kind better thing or prizes for their country to stand up again.

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