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Best 5 Rookies You Should Draft For NBA 2021-2022

The NBA Draft was an exciting event with many surprises. It’s worth examining these top-5 rookies in order to see who has the most skillset and opportunity. I’ll name my top-5 rookies based on three qualities: skillset, opportunity, and fantasy team fit.

  1. Cade Cunningham

  2. Evan Mobley

  3. Jalen Suggs

  4. Scottie Barnes

  5. Jalen Green

Cade Cunningham

The Pistons are desperate for a point-of-attack defender and lead creator, which they found in the draft. The best player they drafted fills this role perfectly, with the added bonus of his strong defensive rates at Oklahoma State. The Pistons are likely to give Cunningham every opportunity to be the team's point-of-attack defender and lead creator, as well as use him on the defensive end.

Cunningham was already a great scorer when he was in college, shooting over 50% from the field. And he wasn't just shooting, he was passing too. He averaged nearly 30% of his team's points, which is really impressive. Now that he is in the NBA, he might be able to do even better. With his ability to score and pass, his fantasy game will be really strong!

Evan Mobley

Mobley is an interesting prospect for this year's draft and he makes a great fit with the Cavs. Cleveland is desperate for players who can both play offense and defense, and Mobley can shoot outside as well as playing elite defense around the rim.

As the NBA offseason unfolds, keep an eye on Jarrett Allen. If Allen signs elsewhere, Mobley would have the chance to compete with him for playing time. His upside may seem limited now, but if Allen's gone, that would change.

Jalen Suggs

The rookie will undoubtedly bring great shot creation to the Orlando Magic. With Fultz and Anthony competing for minutes, Suggs may have the opportunity to serve a role for the team. The rookie will bring variety in statistical sets, and will be a busy guard in the lead role.

Scottie Barnes

Barnes is a versatile player who surprises opponents with his elite defense and playmaking skills. Barnes isn’t a premier scorer, but he is capable and can do the little things on offense such as rebound and get teammates involved.

Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby are the starting forwards for the Toronto Raptors. The two-way forward will likely play behind them, but he will still be an important piece off the bench.

Jalen Green

The Houston Rockets are in need of outside scoring after losing James Harden. One player who will step up for them is Jalen Green. He has proven to be an explosive scorer, boasting the highest ceiling in the draft. His average points per game with the G League Ignite is 18.7, and he will now bring his scoring ability to a fast-paced Rockets team.

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