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Legend Fantasy - India's Best Prediction App for Winning with Friends

Cricket is a religion for the people of India—every other religion, caste, creed, and person. Cricket is popular in India and across the world with millions of fans who are crazy about this game. This sport has spurred innovative business models to come up across the country. Fantasy cricket apps rank at the top of the list.

There are several cricket-related apps that have been developed to meet the demands of a growing Indian market. A few such apps include match viewing apps, cricket news websites, fan communities, and cricket betting apps. But of course the most popular app is a fantasy gaming app. Cricket fans love to play these games and predict the best-performing teams. The beauty of these fantasy game predictions is they offer rewards, prizes, and money to people who just invest a little bit of money to play.

Today, there are so many prediction apps and websites in the Indian digital space. One of the most popular is Legend Fantasy. With such a small amount of time, Legend Fantasy has made its place among the most popular apps. They've become loved by millions of users, especially because of their unique features and easy-to-use model.

It’s time for you to learn about Legend Fantasy and why it’s the best way to play fantasy cricket.

How does a fantasy prediction app work?

Fantasy cricket is a game that is revolutionizing the way people are playing sports. These apps let you create a virtual team of players to play against other teams and score points based on how well your players do in real-life matches. The top-ranked player on the leaderboard for each sport gets the best prizes.

One way to build a strong fantasy team is by analyzing the past performance of players, the weather, and information about the game. All these things are crucial in building a well-performing team. Make sure you pick players that have been performing well in the past and are facing an opponent they do well against.

There are variations in fantasy platforms. For example, some allow a player's budget to be limitless while others have a limited budget for player selection. Some platforms allow for any number of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders while others restrict the number of players of each type.

How To Add a Fantasy Cricket League & Win Real Cash Daily

The first step is to create a team of 11 players from both squads. Next, you must select your- pick one captain and vice-captain from the two squads. Finally, select one wicket keeper and 11 players from both teams. Then enter your team in available leagues to begin your quest for victory!

Your rank on the match will be decided by the points scored by your players. It's important to have a good team that scores the most points possible. You get a reward if your team gets a really high rank, but it'll take 24-48 hours for you to get the cash in your account.

Legend Fantasy is India’s best fantasy prediction app

In the past, playing fantasy with friends meant exchanging brackets by email or relying on your weekly ESPN magazine. These methods may be inconvenient and outdated, but not anymore!  is one of the best apps for playing fantasy prediction games. It's easy to sign up and play with your friends, and you can win exciting prizes like television and AirPods. With Legend Fantasy, the next IPL season will be more exciting and more fun with friends!

Legend Fantasy is available in both formats: on the web and on an app. The web-version is used to purchase products, while the app can be used to deposit and play.

Why choose Legend Fantasy Prediction App over other such services?

From a cost perspective, Legend Fantasy is a sweet deal. The platform charges a 10% platform fee, meaning in total, users will get the entire amount they have won. This is much lower than other fantasy apps that charge 20% in total.

Another important benefit of Legend Fantasy

Join a contest without the entry fee. There are 2 contests per week, and the prizes for these free contests are usually attractive. The platform is easy to use. Just download it from the google play store, and you don't have to worry about downloading an anonymous APK file. Purchasing is easy and fast, and you can use Google in-app-purchase function to deposit if you like.

Why are you still reading this? Download Legend Fantasy Prediction App now!

How to get the best out of Legend Fantasy with various prizes?

  1. Register a valid account with Legend Fantasy.

  2. Meet the requirements below then you have a chance to get corresponding rewards.

  3. Winners will be automatically drawn by Legend Fantasy and will be notified via the email they use to register.




  • Join over 16 contests in a month

  • Win over 8 of those contests

  • Join over 16 contests in a month

  • Win over 8 of those contests

2 winners/month

  • Join over 16 contests in a month

  • Win over 4 of those contests

Available to get a Taj Hotels Gift Card for free

5 winners/month

Join over 3 contests every week in a month

Available to get AirPods Pro for free

10 winners/month

There’s no I in T-E-A-M

1. Like the Legend Fantasy page on Facebook.

2. Tag 3 friends under the post and tell them: “Why do you think they should play Legend Fantasy with you”

For example- @mary @john I think you should play Legend Fantasy with me to enjoy the free contests.

3. Share this post as a public post.

Then you will have a chance to get a television!

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