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Top 5 Wicket Keepers To Pick For IPL 2021

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Keeping a wicket keeper on your team is an important and exciting part of fantasy cricket. Regardless of whether you're awarded points for their batting skills or not, their wicket-keeping skills will get you points which matters most.

You'll get the most points for catching a ball. You'll also get a lot of points if you stump a batsman with your spin bowl. If you want to win the cricket fantasy game, you'll need a best wicket keeper in your team.

Here are 5 Wicket Keepers, who will bring your fantasy team to success in this season of IPL.

  1. Rishabh Pant

  2. Jos Buttler

  3. Dinesh Karthik

  4. Quinton De Kock

  5. MS Dhoni

Rishabh Pant

Pant is a fast runner and a decent wicketkeeper. But he can let the team down sometimes with his fielding skills.

Pant is a player who can both take wickets and score runs. His batting average is 2079, with 54 dismissals, 43 catches, and 11 stumpings. He has an incredible strike rate of 151.97, which helped Pant dominate the competition in this game.

Pant is only 23 years old, and has a lot of growing to do as an international player. But as he ages, he will surely improve his skills as a wicket keeper.

Jos Buttler

Buttler is a very powerful striker and does an excellent job batting at the top of the order. He is also a good wicketkeeper behind the stumps.

Buttler is one of the biggest names in IPL cricket. He has played in 30 innings, with 21 dismissals--20 catches and 1 stumping. Furthermore, he has scored 1714 runs at an average of 34.98. These are excellent stats!

Rajasthan Royals is very confident in their 30-year-old player and they hope he will be a key player both in the batting and in the field.

Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik, with over 100 dismissals in the IPL, is a veteran both with the bat and behind the stumps. He has truckloads of experience in IPL cricket, unlike many other wicketkeepers. Karthik is one of two wicketkeepers who have dismissed over 100 batsmen in the IPL besides MS Dhoni.

Karthik is a great wicket keeper. He's taken 140 catches and 110 dismissals. But he's not just a great gloveman. Karthik has also scored close to 4000 runs in the IPL.

Karthik has had a pretty average season so far for Karnataka, with just 169 runs and an average of 23. However, last year he was pretty good at batting and keeping, which is something he'd like to replicate this year.

Quinton De Kock

As a wicketkeeper, De Kock has quick hands. The batsman's edge doesn't escape his grasp, and he's taken some great catches with his gloves.

The Mumbai keeper has also done some impressive things behind the stumps. De Kock has kept in 59 innings and dismissed 58 batsmen. De Kock has caught 12 of them, while 46 were stumping dismissals.

As a batsman, Quinton de Kock has electrified the IPL. In 66 innings, the 28-year-old left-hander has scored 1959 runs and has averaged 31.60 each time. His strike rate is 133.54, and his experience as a wicketkeeper has shown him to be one of the best in IPL history.

MS Dhoni

Dhoni has been the best wicket-keeper in IPL history. He is safe with catches and can also catch a batsman who's out of their ground. However, it is his stumpings that have been the topic of conversation.

The icon of CSK, Dhoni, has 197 innings as keeper in the IPL. Of these innings, 148 have been dismissals. 109 of the dismissals are catches, while 39 are stumpings. Dhoni has also scored 4632 runs in the IPL and does so at a very high average of 40.99.

Dhoni is also the captain of the CSK team, and they've won three IPL titles.

In 2020, Dhoni retired from international cricket after 17 years as an Indian national player.

However, he will then continue to play for CSK as captain in the IPL in 2021.

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