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What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports are online games that let you predict the outcome of real life sports matches. Put together your team of athletes, and earn points based on how they perform in real life. The better your player, the more points you'll get.

You manage a team of players against other managers. To keep your team winning, you must make changes like adding, dropping, trading or selling.

Why fantasy sports is so popular?

  • Play as a team manager Fantasy sports are a great way to be more invested in something you already care about. It's important to be an active manager because it takes your previous passive knowledge of the sport and puts you in charge of your decisions for your fantasy team. Active managers have consequences, too! They become engaged participants.

  • Be engaged by each match You might not have invested much in the other team before, but now you're following it because one of your players is playing. Once you've created a fantasy team, you'll be too invested to watch a game without any of your players.

  • Compete and defeat Fantasy sports is all about the talk. You want to defeat your friends and colleagues, so it's an inherently social experience. You engage in it with banter and bragging rights.

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