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Which Player made the First Quadruple in Cricket?

An individual score of 400 runs or more is called a quadruple century. Scoring quadruple centuries in first-class cricket is a very big deal. Players who score the quadruple century feel great. A part of the player, country and fans also feel proud. However, the quadruple centuries havse been scored eleven times by nine players across more than 6000 matches. In addition, just one player achieves this target in the 21st century.

Although, this was first achieved in 1895. Archie MacLaren, playing for Lancashire against Somerset, was made the quadruple century. He scored 424 runs at the County ground in Taunton. You need to know further things like it.

Moreover, only two players in the history of the first-class cricket records successfully got this score more than once. The name of these players is Brian Lara 501 and Bill Ponsford. Both players successfully mastered the art of smashing quadruple tons by being the only players to score 400+ runs in the first class innings twice.

First Player Who Made the Quadruple Century:

Before 1895, the highest score in the first-class cricket records was 344. W. G. Grace made this great score. However, MacLaren surpassed this total. He was paying for Lancashire during a Country Championship match against Somerset. This great player started his batting at the County Garden, Taunton.

In addition to this, he hit 1 six and 64 fours during his innings, which lasted well into the second day of the 3-day match. He is one of the most outstanding opening batters of all time. However, the test career of Archie MacLaren ends shortly after the debut of jack Hobb. His achievement of 400+ runs will live him always in the history of first-class cricket.

Second and Third Quadruple Centuries:

The score that MacLaen set remain the only quadruple century for more than 25 years until Bill Ponsford scored 429 runs in just his third first-class match. Although, he improve his own total 4 years later and scored 437 runs. He scores both of his quadruple centuries at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The third quadruple century was again scored in Australia. This time, Don Bradman got this achievement. While playing in the Sydney Cricket Ground, he surmounted his compatriot's total. He was finishing on 452 not out and his innings last for 415 minutes. It is the shortest of any quadruple century.

First Quadruple Century in First Class Cricket:

Legendary West Indies Batter Brian Lara 501 etched his name into the books of history as he scored the highest runs in first-class cricket. He smashed an unbeaten 501 run in 1994. Brian Lara is the only player today who scores the highest runs in first-class cricket. He played for Warwickshire and broke the record against Durham at Edgbaston in Birmingham, England. However, Durham was batting first and made 556-8. Initially, it looks very big target. It looks small as Warwickshire scored 810-December 4 in their innings.

Brian Lara was batting at number 3 and took 427 balls to score 501 runs. He hits 62 fours and 10 sixes to make his quadruple century. Brian Lara was in exceptional form then, took on Durham bowlers, and smashed the century before the end of day 2 play. No play was possible on the 3rd day, and the game resumed a day later with a rest day in use. After the first session, Durham understood what was coming their way, as brain Lara 501 raced to 285 scorings 174 runs in the session. Eventually, he become the first player to smash 500 runs in just 427 balls in first-class innings.

Lara's Second Quadruple Century:

On April 12, 2004, Brian Lara 501 became the first batsman in the history of Test Cricket to score a quadruple century. He was playing at St. John cricket Ground in Antigua against England. However, in the first innings, we will get this milestone on Day 3 of the Test. He scores an unbeaten 400 runs in just 582 deliveries. Moreover, he hits 43 fours and four sixes.

In addition, there were glorious cover drives, big shots dancing down the wicket, and elegant leg glances in the record-breaking innings. Lara holds the record for the highest first-class score, making him famous as Brian Lara 501. The knock of Lara was spread over 7 sessions as West Indies finished the game with 751-5 in 202 overs.

Ten years later, Brian Lara 501 became the first and, to date, the only player to score a quadruple century. He achieved the milestone of 400+ runs in test cricket against England on April 10, 2004. Moreover, he remains the only player with the highest score in first-class cricket. Therefore, his name is not only on the top of West Indies cricket history but also rules the entire cricket history.

He always shows his best game throughout his career. During the peak time of Brian Lara, the West Indies team is incomplete without him. The fans of Brian Lara from all over the world, wait for his innings. Especially in the world cup, people enjoy the batting and fielding of Brian Lara.

Bill Ponsford:

Nobody can ever forget the amazing quadruple century of Bill Ponsford. He is the former Australian batter and the second player in the history of cricket who make a quadruple century twice. In February 1923, Victoria and Tasmania faced off at the Melbourne Cricket ground. It was a first-class match outside the Sheffield Shield competition. Tasmania was batting first and scored just 217 runs in their first innings. In responses, Victoria reaches 200-3 before their captain Bill Ponsford comes to the crease.

He comes at number 5 and hits as many as 42 boundaries. Bill stays on the crease for 477 minutes and scores 429 runs. Due to these great innings of Bill Ponsford, Victoria piles on the world record of a total of 1059 runs. However, it is the first ever instance of a team posting 1000+ runs in first-class cricket. Furthermore, he becomes the first and the only player to date to score a quadruple century while batting outside the top four positions.

Second Quadruple Century of Bill Ponsford:

In 1927, Victoria hosted Queensland at the MCG, part of Sheffield Shield. Victoria lost the toss and was invited to bat first. However, Victoria got the better of the bowlers of Queensland and score 400-2 on the first day. Opening the batting, Bill Ponsford score an unbeaten 234 runs.

He almost batted through Day 2 and became the first player in the history of first-class cricket records with more than one quadruple century. He scores 437 runs in 621 minutes. During his innings, he hit 42 fours, and Victoria finished with 793 runs. The 437 runs of Bill Ponsford was the then highest individual FC score breaking his own record.

Hanif Muhammad Quadruple Century:

He could become the first player to score 500 runs. Unfortunately, he was run out on 499 runs in the first innings of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy. This tournament was organized in Karachi in 1959. Initially, Bahawalpur made 185 in their first innings. He surpassed the record of Don Bradman. Although the brilliant knock led Karachi from Hanif Muhammad. He helped them post 777-December 7. Bahawalpur was shot out for 108 in the semifinal, winning Karachi a mammoth 479 run. Hanif's act lasted for a whopping 635 minutes on the crease. He is the second highest scorer in the history of cricket.

Don Bradman:

No batting list is ever complete without the name of great Don Bradman. However, his start in the 1930 Sheffield Shield encounter against Queensland was not so good. He scores three runs in the first innings, as his team was shot out for just 235 runs. He made up for it grandly in the next innings. He stretches the slender eight runs lead that NSW had gained to the mind-boggling 769 runs. At this stage, he will take charge and score an unbeaten 452runs. He faces 465 balls to achieve the milestone. His score remained the highest first-class score for the next 29 years.

Bhausaheb Nimbalkar:

He is known as B.B. Nimbalkar. However, Bhausaheb Bhausaheb Nimbalkar is the only player not to have played Test Cricket despite scoring 400+ runs in first-class cricket records. In 1948-49, he played for Maharashtra and scored 443 unbeatable runs against Kathiawar. Not only does he show a great game in regular matches, but he also plays amazing innings in world cup matches. Apart from his batting skills, he has some additional abilities as a wicket-keeper and a fast-medium bowler. Although, his score remains the highest individual score and the only quadruple century in the history of Indian first-class cricket.

He is the only Indian player who makes the quadruple century in any game format. Bhausaheb Nimbalkar gets the feat during the Ranji trophy encounter play in Pune. Initially, the Kathiawar made just 238 runs on the board in their first innings. Maharashtra bounces back strongly with opener Kamal Bhandarkar, who makes 205 runs. However, this great innings was overshadowed by Bhausaheb Nimbalkar. He plays an amazing 443 runs, not out innings, which help the side to 826-4d. Unfortunately, the match eventually end in a draw, but the innings of Bhausaheb Nimbalkar are still historic.

Sam Northeast:

He plays the unbeaten 410 runs against Leicestershire in the English County Championship. However, it is the ninth highest first-class score of all time. Sam Northeast scored in the mammoth team total of 795-5. Additionally, it is just the 11th individual score of 400+ in the history of first-class cricket. Moreover, it is the only highest score in the 21st century. In addition, it is the third highest score in the County Championship history.

Graeme Hick:

He is a famous player due to his quadruple century in 1988 in England. Graeme Hick plays 405 runs in unbeatable innings. The first 300 runs of his innings come from 411balss. However, in the last 100 runs, he scores in just 58 balls. He scores this big milestone in 469 deliveries. England was the host nation for the next quadruple century.

Some Other Players with 400+ Runs:

Some other players achieve the 400+ milestone. The players included in this list are Charge Ponsford with his 429 runs during the match between Victoria vs. Tasmania. In 1923, Aftab Baloch scored 428 runs during the match between Sindh and Balochistan. Archie MacLaren is another player who scored 424 runs in 1974 during the match between Lancashire and Somerset. Now, many players have 400+ runs in a top-notch inning.

Apart from them, the former England cricket team captain Archie MacLaren is the first quadruple century player in cricket. Brian Lara 501 is the greatest Player from West Indies, who made two quadruple centuries. Before Brian Lara, this title is with Bill Ponsford. However, Brian Lara beat his record and got the record for the highest run scorer in a single inning. He scored 501 unbeatable runs in 2004, and no one can break this record till today. Therefore, most people know him by the name of Brian Lara 501.

Ten years after Hanif Muhmmad's quadruple century, Brian Lara became the only batter to score the 400+ milestone in test Cricket.

He scores 400+ runs not out while also captaining the West Indies. Furthermore, he gets this achievement against England at the Antigua recreation round. There is no doubt that Brian Lara is one of the greatest batters in cricket history. He has a record of 400+ runs and many first-class cricket records attached with his name.


Nine players in the history of cricket make a quadruple century. However, Brian Lara 501 is not only famous for his 400+ runs but also due to the highest run scorer. Players are still trying to break his first-class cricket record. Of course, Brian Lara is a big name in first-class cricket history, but no one ever forgets Archie MacLaren because he is the first ever player in the history of cricket who score 400+ runs.

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